Åsgard B tow postponed

March 20, 2000, 13:30 CET

The tow-out of Statoil's Åsgard B gas platform from Stavanger to the Norwegian Sea field is being postponed by eight days to 19 April.

"We still have a good deal of work left to do, and want to ensure that the most critical elements are completed before leaving," says Bård Heimset, project director for the platform.

The new schedule calls for the semi-submersible to be towed initially from Kværner's Stavanger yard to the nearby Åmøy Fjord on 13 April.

With the voyage to the Åsgard field expected to take about four days, installation work is due to start around 23 April and the platform should be fully moored by 2 May.

The actual tow will follow the Norwegian coast, using six tugs – two in front, one on each side, one at the stern and one in reserve.

This postponement will have no consequences for the work programme planned on Åsgard.