Petrol prices down

July 13, 2000, 11:15 CEST

Reference prices for all petrol grades have been reduced by Statoil Detaljhandel in Norway and Sweden with effect from today, 13 July.

A price reduction is also being considered in Denmark, and could come into effect on 14 July.

Amounting to NOK 0.10 per litre, the Norwegian cut brings the price of Statoil's 95 octane grade to NOK 10.79 per litre. This is the third reduction in nine days, and brings the total change to NOK 0.43 per litre.

At the same time, the price of diesel oil has been lowered to NOK 9.55 per litre.

Statoil Detaljhandel's Swedish service stations have reduced their price for a litre of 95 octane to SEK 9.82.

"We're adjusting our prices in accordance with what we have to pay in world markets," explains adviser Torgrim Iversen in the retailing joint venture.

He finds it difficult to forecast how the market might develop in the near future, and is unable to promise any further price cuts.