Methanol production record

August 10, 2000, 10:00 CEST

A new production record has been set by Statoil's Tjeldbergodden methanol plant in mid-Norway following a successful turnaround.

In addition to preventive maintenance, this summer's work embraced an important modification which has provided better stability in the steam system, reports network coordinator Bjarte Baug.

Since resuming operation on 13 June, the plant has produced at 100-104 per cent of its theoretical capacity. A monthly output of 76,438 tonnes in July beat the former record of 74,182 tonnes.

High market prices for methanol are also expected to contribute to a good annual result for this business.

According to Jan Wahlqvist, Statoil's marketing vice president for methanol, prices have risen from EUR 128 per tonne to EUR 210 since January.