Åsgard B shutdown

November 28, 2000, 17:15 CET

Production from Statoil's Åsgard B floater in the Norwegian Sea was halted this morning, 28 November, following the discovery of a gas leak.

The shutdown was implemented immediately after the leak was discovered in a thermowell on a gas pipeline, reports platform manager Anton Osenbroch.

There are 120 people on the platform, and crew were ordered into the lifeboats in accordance with safety instructions. This muster was called off after 30 minutes, and none of the boats were launched.

Repairs on the gas line are due to be completed during the night. If all goes according to plan, Mr Osenbroch expects production to resume in the course of 29 November.

Åsgard B started gas production on 1 October, and is currently producing some 14 million cubic metres per day.