Åsgard B still shut down

November 30, 2000, 11:50 CET

Production remains suspended on Statoil's Åsgard B gas platform in the Norwegian Sea after a new leak was discovered last night.

Platform manager Anton Osenbroch reports that the escape in the fuel gas system for hydrogen sulphide was discovered during preparations to resume production after the 28 November shutdown.

This leak was small, and favourably located in relation to the wind blowing towards the sea. No lifeboat muster was accordingly felt to be necessary.

Following the initial leak in a thermowell on a gas line, a critical review of the processing facilities was carried out and several thermowells replaced.

Ola Krumsvik, operations vice president for Åsgard, takes a serious view of these leaks but is pleased that systems and procedures on the platform functioned as intended.

He adds that Åsgard B has been involved in system testing since production began on 1 October, with consequent variations in production.

This has been accommodated by obtaining gas from Oseberg and Troll in the North Sea to make up any Åsgard shortfall. Gas customers have accordingly been unaffected.

Statoil's internal commission of inquiry has had its mandate extended to cover the latest leak as well.