Statoil places big PC order

February 26, 2001, 00:00 CET
Dell Computers will supply new PCs to around 15,000 employees in the Statoil group.

Employees will receive the hardware and software (excluding monitor) between 1 May and 1 July.

“After a two-year freeze on computerware, Statoil is now making a big effort with the introduction of new software for administrative systems,” says Arild Halsetrønning, sub-project manager of NextStep.

Through the Nextstep project employees will receive a new computer for their office, new shared electronic systems and new employee portals. There will be no more big contracts allocated in this project. According to Mr Halsetrønning, the company was selected out of six bidders because they were the best on price and technical solution. Statoil has focused heavily on the health aspect, with noise and ergonomics a prime consideration in selecting the supplier. Dell Computers currently supply computer equipment to Statoil.