New company for pipe technology

March 2, 2001, 08:00 CET

Statoil has established the pipe technology company Pipecare today, 2 March.

The new limited company will market and sell solutions and services for pipeline transport systems. The company will specialise in hook-up, testing, preparation, inspection, maintenance, repairs and start-up.

Ola Nestaas from Statoil is the general manager. He has worked for several years on the technical and commercial side of pipeline transport systems. Initially he will have three co-workers in the new company, which has NOK 7.5 million in share capital.

Statoil owns 100 per cent of the shares. The company’s offices will be near Statoil’s gas treatment plant at Kårstø north of Stavanger.

According to Mr Nestaas, Pipecare will be awarded technology rights from the parent company. One example is an advanced inspection tool that has been developed in connection with Åsgard Transport, the gas transport trunkline that connects the Halten Bank with Kårstø. Åsgard Transport has sold the rights to the tool to Statoil, which is now transferring them to Pipecare.

Statoil has developed various solutions for hook-up and status control of different sized pipelines. Pipecare will also sell the solutions to other operators and engineering firms.

Statoil has a network of 6,000 kilometres of pipeline, and is at the forefront in natural gas transport. Pipecare will base its activities on Statoil’s technology and specialist skills.