Danish researcher receives award

March 23, 2001, 00:00 CET

Today, 23 March, Mogens Rysholt Poulsen was awarded Statoil Denmark’s research prize for his work on computer technology within optic cable networks.

Mr Poulsen, who works at Denmark’s technical university (DTU), received DKK 100,000 from Statoil Denmark.

According to DTU’s principal Hans Peter Jensen, Mr Poulsen is one of the world’s foremost specialists in optic cable technology. He has worked on the replacement of computer chips with optic cable technology.

Within the next 20 years, experts estimate that computer networks will handle 10,000 times as much volume as today, which will require fibre optics and advanced optic cable technology.

Mr Poulsen explains that performance will change when the nets are based purely on optics. Downloading, for example, will go much faster.

“Companies will, for example, be able to download complex graphics, and people will be able to get video films from the net in an instant,” says Mr Poulsen, who expects the new components to appear on large computer networks within three to five years.