Fresh start for Sleipner West

April 27, 2001, 14:00 CEST

The operator Statoil has, together with the partners, decided on technical solutions for the further development of the Sleipner West field in the North Sea.

The field needs increased compression capacity due to a decline in the reservoir pressure. Instead of building a separate compressor platform, the existing installations will be used.

To exploit the resources in the best possible way, production from the northern part of the field, Alfa North, and transition to low pressure production are included in the project. Low pressure production means that the pressure in all equipment is reduced so that producing wells face a lower back pressure. The need for increased compression capacity and production from Alfa North was sketched out in the original plan for development and operation (PDO).

The plan is to extend Alfa North with a seabed template and four-five wells. The investments to develop the field are estimated at between NOK 2.6 and 3 billion, which is about NOK 3 billion cheaper than building a compressor platform.

According to project manager Aoued Kaddour, the solution chosen is best in terms of health, safety and the environment, plus technical and financial considerations. Furthermore, it results in major environmental gains.

"The discharges of carbon dioxide will be more than halved compared with the installation of a new compressor platform," maintains Mr Kaddour.

The application to amend the original PDO with specifications of the new plans will be sent to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy at the end of June.

Sleipner West will be ready to produce at a lower pressure in autumn 2002, whilst new compression capacity and Alfa North will be in operation in autumn 2004.