Fewer weld repairs

April 28, 2001, 10:00 CEST

Extensive testing shows that the problem of weak welds in pipe joints on the Norwegian Sea's Åsgard field is less serious than originally believed.

Tests show that 24 welds need to be repaired. In addition, 10 are still being assessed. When the problem was discovered in January it was estimated that more than 70 welds would have to be rectified. It is mainly welds in pipes connecting the Smørbukk structure with the Åsgard B platform which need repair.

Egil Gartland, operations manager of Åsgard says that the reduced scope of work will entail lower repair costs. The contracts which have been agreed for the repair work are flexible and allow for changes.

Repairs will begin in May. The parties are currently making alterations to the plans for implementation. Plans call for the repairs to be completed during the summer.