Zeepipe back on line

May 9, 2001, 17:30 CEST

The Statoil operated Zeepipe gas pipeline has now reopened after a three-week shutdown period.

Gas transport from the North Sea to the terminal in Zeebrügge in Belgium recommenced today, 9 May. According to department manager Alvin Hansen in Transportnett, gas sales can restart some time on Thursday, 10 May.

The pipeline had to be closed on 14 April due to a minor gas leak in a valve on an unmanned riser platform connected to the Sleipner A platform. The purpose of the valve is to control the gas flow from the Sleipner East field into the Zeepipe.

Mr Hansen says that the repairs took longer than expected because it was difficult to install an isolation plug in the pipeline.

“It was only when the plug was in place that we could start to repair the valve,” he says.

During the shutdown period the gas clients have had the option to purchase gas from alternative landing stations in Germany and France.

Zeepipe, which came on stream in 1993, is one of five pipelines that transports natural gas from the Norwegian continental shelf to the continent.