New environmental tool

May 16, 2001, 09:30 CEST

Statoil has developed a new tool for environmental control on the offshore installations. The tool has been introduced on all Statoil operated fields on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority recently gave their official approval to use the environmental impact factor (EIF) in work to achieve the objective of zero environmentally harmful emissions. EIF is a computer model that warns about the environmental situation in the sea around the platforms. The model calculates the discharge level and its composition compared to nature’s tolerance limit in each area.

According to Ståle Johnsen, who is responsible for developing the tool, these calculations will play an important part in the future as a basis for regular annual environmental inspections in the various regions offshore.

He says that produced water from the fields is studied through EIF. The results provide a very good basis for deciding which measures the individual field should focus on in order to reduce the emissions of environmentally harmful substances. For example, new methods of purifying produced water, switch to new and more environmentally friendly chemicals and reinjection of the produced water.

Our objective is zero harmful discharges from 2005, in line with the authorities’ objective. This target was the driving force behind EIF,” says Mr Johnsen.

In the next couple of years decisions will be taken on which measures to implement on each individual field.