Troll oil output hits new peaks

May 21, 2001, 01:00 CEST

Oil production on the Hydro-operated section of the Troll field has topped new heights. On both May 13 and 16 new records were set. Total daily output on the latter date reached 375,258 barrels per day (bpd) from Troll B og Troll C.

It was during the testing of well J-21, connected to Troll B, that the new field production record was set. The high rate of production is also due to solid output regularity on both platforms. On May 16, Troll B produced 192,640 bpd and Troll C had an output of 182,618 bpd.

The testing of J-21 took place in the wake of the well's shutdown due to technical problems in January. The well was tested at full capacity last week to see if the problems had been solved. Production from Troll B is so far higher than planned.

Troll C is now producing according to its design capacity. A high degree of regularity has recently boosted output rates and compensated for lower than planned output rates earlier this spring.

The Troll field is currently the highest producing oil operation in Norway. Drilling activity is also higher than it has ever been. In addition to three drilling rigs, Polar Pioneer, West Vanguard and West Venture, which are drilling production wells, the Scarabeo 6 is drilling an exploration well to prove new reserves in the area.