Ormen Lange project timing adjusted

June 11, 2001, 01:00 CEST

License partners in the Ormen Lange gas field in the Norwegian Sea have decided to modify the timeframe for developing the tract. Hydro is development operator of Ormen Lange.

Bengt Lie Hansen, Hydro head of the mid-Norway sector of Exploration and Development, indicates the project is in a hectic planning and evaluation phase covering many facets.

"Studies and tests show there's a need to use more time mapping and doing essential preliminary work to determine the best concept and to optimize well placement. The area's complex sea topography and extreme subsea conditions have prolonged the process of gathering and evaluating data associated with the pipeline route," he explains.

The Ormen Lange partnership has subsequently extended the timeframe for delivery of the so-called plan for development and production (PUD) to the Norwegian authorities until fall 2003. The production start-up date is now projected to be in fall 2007.

Partners on licenses 208, 209 and 250, covering the Ormen Lange tract, are Hydro, Statoil, the state's direct financial interest (SDFI), ExxonMobil, BP and Royal Dutch/Shell.

Information seminar on Hydro's mid-Norway sector

Hydro and four mid-Norwegian counties will host an information seminar for regional business on June 13 in Molde, and June 14 in Verdal. The point is to inform local businesses about Hydro's ongoing and future activities both onshore and offshore mid-Norway. The intent is to stimulate commercial activity surrounding supply deliveries to Hydro's anticipated growing activities in the mid-Norway region. Development of the Ormen Lange field is at the core of this expected activity.

More specific information about Hydro's plans and requirements for goods and services, as well as the company's purchase organization and contract types will be shared at the seminars. Supplier companies experienced delivering to Hydro will also be on hand to exchange information with interested potential suppliers.