Siri flare extinguished

August 23, 2001, 16:30 CEST

Statoil-operated Siri is the first field on the Danish continental shelf not to flare gas.

In addition, almost all produced water is now injected into the reservoir.

The systems for the recovery of flare gas and injection of produced water, which have been undergoing tests since April, now function as planned. Only a pilot flame continues to burn at the flare tip, whilst produced water is injected for pressure support, along with sea water.

“We are now convinced that the system works as intended, following a lengthy test period,” reports Sven Raagaard, head of health, safety, the environment and quality in Statoil's research and production unit in Denmark.

Gas recovery and environmental advances such as injection of produced water are part of Siri's production philosophy, which in turn builds on Statoil's ambition to eliminate harmful emissions.

Siri came on stream on 1 March 1999 and currently produces 28,300 barrels of oil and 590,000 cubic metres of gas per day. All gas, apart from that used for power generation, is injected into the reservoir together with the produced water.