More training for judges

October 2, 2001, 01:00 CEST

Statoil Venezuela has made a commitment to support the second phase of a training programme in human rights for Venezuelan judges.

Statoil will contribute just over NOK 500,000 to the project which is organised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The company also supported the first phase, in 1999. The administrative arm of the Venezuelan supreme court which appoints and trains judges and Amnesty International are also taking part.

Staffan Riben, Statoil's country manager for Venezuela, says that the company supports the programme because it is in line with Statoil's values. The project will also play an important part in modernising the country's legal system.

"The company has received some very positive response to this involvement in human rights," says Mr Riben.

In the first phase of the programme, 25 judges were given training in human rights and national as well as international laws and regulations. These judges will now act as instructors for their colleagues.

Phase II will include training judges in the Zulia province, where Statoil is involved in the LL 652 oil project and in Anzoategui, where it is involved in the Sincor heavy oil project.

In a third phase, all Venezuelan judges will undergo courses on human rights. The aim of enhancing expertise is to prevent violations of existing laws and regulations and to increase confidence in the country's legal system.