Rimfaks discovery

October 5, 2001, 01:45 CEST

Statoil has proven hydrocarbons in the Rimfaks field's Lunde reservoir in the North Sea. The find was made in formations which lie deeper than those that are currently producing.


The Gullfaks area.

Well 34/10-J-4H in production licence 050/050B was originally planned to be an injection well, but a decision was taken to extend it with an exploratory section, reports Hermod Johansen, manager for reservoir development in Gullfaks satellites.

It is a high angle well, with a total well path measuring 4850 metres. The exploratory extension accounts for 500-600 metres.

Drilling identified an interval of hydrocarbons at 490 metres. According to Mr Johansen, production tests were promising. The reservoir produced oil, condensate and gas from two levels.

“The information gained from the drilling will play an important role when we later consider the further development of the area. One of our decisions will be whether or not to drill more wells to determine the extent of the Lunde reservoir,” says Mr Johansen.

The Gullfaks satellites include the Gullfaks South, Rimfaks and Gullveig fields. The total recoverable reserves are estimated to be around 250 million barrels of oil and condensate.