New IT step for staff

December 13, 2001, 11:30 CET

Statoil is taking new steps to enhance the expertise of employees through electronic learning. The programme builds on the experiences and solutions of the IT step.

The IT step, which was launched four years ago, involved Statoil employees completing a series of training modules on their home PC in their free time. As part of the programme, all employees received a home PC with an internet connection. The IT step meant that Statoil was one of the first companies to provide its employees with the chance to learn through computer-based training programmes.

Now all permanent parent company employees are being offered the opportunity to develop their expertise themselves. The programme will commence in the spring of 2002.

Under the voluntary scheme, those who want to participate will sign an agreement with the company to pursue an obligatory training programme in their free time.

The extension of the IT step will allow for electronic learning and flexible modes of working. Many employees would like working conditions tailored to their own circumstances, and Statoil wants to accommodate this.

In connection with the scheme, the old home PCs must be upgraded, as the educational package demands better hardware.

The training programme will be based on Statoil's values and health, safety and environmental requirements.

"We want to pursue a competitive personnel policy and to have motivated employees," says Kjølv Eivind Egeland, senior vice president for human resources. "Our focus on the IT step has given us a competitive edge which it is important to maintain and develop."

Each Statoil subsidiary will assess whether to continue the IT step on the basis of its own circumstances.