Utsira attracts attention in Hannover

April 16, 2002, 01:00 CEST

Hydro is displaying a model of the Utsira concept at the Hannover Fair in Germany this week.

Hydro's pioneer Utsira project - on the windy island of Utsira off the Norwegian coast - demonstrates how the local community can be solely supplied with renewable energy produced on the island itself. The idea of producing hydrogen based on windpower is well-received by an environmental-conscious European public.

During periods when electricity production exceeds demand, surplus electricity can be used in an electrolyser to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen can be stored and used in a fuel cell to produce electricity when there is no wind - or when demand exceeds supply because of other reasons. The stored hydrogen can also be used as fuel for vehicles and boats.

The facility is scheduled to start operating by 2003.

If successful, the solutions can be used globally. The technology employed on Utsira will be especially useful in areas with problems producing enough electricity or those with an insufficient electricity infrastructure. These may be remote areas in the US and Europe or in the developing world.


Link to the Hannover fair about Norsk Hydro Electrolysers and Hydro Energy: