Green energy in demand

June 10, 2002, 14:30 CEST

An environment-friendly energy supply solution ordered by Selmer Skanska Bolig from Statoil is the latest in a series of such contracts recently won by the group.

The latest assignment covers a combination of seawater-based heat pumps with propane burners in reserve to provide space heating and hot water for a new 300-flat complex in Stavanger.

This contract represents the first for Statoil based on combining heat pumps and propane.

Other recent jobs include heating based on heat pumps for student bed-sitters at Bjølsen in Oslo, which is due to begin operating this autumn.

And a heat pump operated by Statoil was inaugurated a month ago at Gipø nursing home in Nøtterøy local authority south of Oslo.

“We’ve noted a growing interest in what we have to offer,” says Geir Gransbråten, manager of energy solutions in the Nordic energy business cluster.

“That’s because customers can see they get secure energy deliveries not only on competitive terms but also in an environment-friendly way.”

Statoil is concentrating on persuading housing complexes, hotels, hospitals and other medium-sized electricity consumers to purchase integrated energy solutions developed and marketed by the group.

These deliveries include operation and maintenance of the facilities, and Statoil guarantees that charges will correspond to the lower of electricity or heating-oil prices at any time.

Mr Gransbråten explains that propane will be used in the Stavanger project for more than heating and hot water. Residents can also opt to have gas hobs, fireplaces or barbecues installed.

“Combining heat pumps and propane satisfies two trends at the same time by meeting both environmental concerns and requirements for comfort.”

The first and second stages of this housing complex will be ready in the summer of 2003, and the agreement with Selmer runs for 18 years.