Kalundborg with sulphur-free diesel

July 1, 2002, 11:45 CEST

As of today, 1 July, Statoil's Kalundborg refinery near Copenhagen in Denmark can deliver diesel with virtually no sulphur content.

Investments of about DKK 400 million have made it possible for the Kalundborg facility to produce diesel with a marked reduction in soot emissions compared with the current quality.

Start-up is three months ahead of schedule. The new facility can produce diesel which meets all current requirements to quality for this product, even exceeding the European Union requirements set to become standard in 2005. The sulphur content of diesel oil will be cut by 80 per cent, from 0.005 to just 0.001 per cent. In other words, diesel will be virtually free of sulphur.

"We expect to produce about one million tonnes of sulphur-free diesel annually," says John Berg, vice president of the Kalundborg refinery. "Initially we will sell the product to the German market."

Next year, Statoil's Mongstad refinery near Bergen will also be able to produce petrol and diesel oil with virtually no sulphur content.