Cleaner heating oil

September 24, 2002, 16:00 CEST

A new heating oil which contains almost 90 per cent less sulphur than existing products is being offered by Statoil to the Norwegian market this autumn.

Called Statoil Environmental, this grade will initially be marketed in urban areas.

"It burns more cleanly than conventional heating oil, thus reducing emissions of soot and particulates," adds sales vice president Hans Olav Høidahl at Statoil Norge.

The new product complements the group's existing Norwegian range, which now comprises three grades - Standard, Plus and Environmental.

Statoil is the first oil company in Norway to offer a heating oil which significantly reduces sulphur emissions.

These contribute to acid precipitation and local pollution, and can cause respiratory problems.

Lower soot formation in the heating system will also mean better oil utilisation and thereby cut consumption, says senior engineer Atle Jørgensen at Statoil's Mongstad refinery.

Involved in developing and testing the new product, he notes that work by a number of companies to cut sulphur in diesel oil has also played a part in the launch of Statoil Environmental.

"All in all, this product will help to ensure reliable and economic operation of heating systems, while putting less of a burden on the environment."