Backing student festival

January 21, 2003, 00:45 CET

This year’s Uka-03 student festival, being staged in Trondheim from 9 October to 1 November, will be the first to have Statoil as its principal sponsor.

Backing this three-week event puts the group at the front of the queue for forging important contacts with potential employees.

Both culture and competence will be on the Uka-03 programme, which is primarily organised by and for students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

“Uka provides a meeting place for Trondheim’s 28,000 students, who form Norway’s most important scientific and technical community, and we naturally want to help enhance this expertise.” says Oddvar Høie, marketing manager in Statoil’s promotion and media unit.

Serving as principal sponsor gives Statoil a special opportunity to promote itself as a knowledge-based company to Norway’s future technical specialists.

The Swedish consultancy Universum Communications performs an annual survey among Norwegian students. According to last year's Universum Graduate Study, the group ranks as the most popular employer among economics and engineering students.

This largely reflects purposeful work with student bodies, says Anne Bjerkelund Selvig, manager for human resources planning in Statoil.

Although the group already represents an attractive workplace, it sees no reason to rest on its laurels in the battle over the best brains.

“We still have to compete to stay on top,” Ms Selvig notes. “If we’re going to be the best and smartest team, we have to secure the best and smartest employees.”

Uka-03 will also attract much attention from decision-makers without a student pass, and the festival accordingly represents a popular showcase for Norwegian industry.