More contracts on Melkøya

January 27, 2003, 15:00 CET

Three contracts, each worth NOK 150-200 million, have been awarded by Statoil to Norwegian companies for the land-based part of its Snøhvit development in the Barents Sea.

They embrace construction of the administration building and export jetty at the Melkøya site outside Hammerfest in northern Norway, and management of the work camp there.

Veidekke has won the first of these orders, which also embraces an associated garage and transformer kiosk and covers a total of 10,000 square metres.

The jetty assignment has gone to the AFS-Pihl Group. This facility will be used to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other products from the plant.

ServeringsPartner is to operate the temporary work camp at Melkøya, including the provision of catering and cleaning services.

Work on the building projects will begin in April and is expected to last for more than a year, reports construction site manager Morten Vinje.

He adds that more contracts are due to be let at Melkøya, including a major job covering all underground installations, foundations and various process buildings.

This is scheduled for award in the spring, while smaller contracts will cover security, emergency response, waste handling and personnel transport.

The major installation jobs on land are set to be awarded in the autumn.