Shell has faith in hydrogen

April 26, 2003, 01:00 CEST

The Shell oil company believes that hydrogen is the right choice in moving towards a sustainable society and that it is important to develop alternative renewable energy sources in order to meet the decline in oil supplies during the next 50 years. A scenario the company has prepared, leaves little doubt about this.

Shell has committed large sums to alternative energy research and intends to use the hydrogen project on Iceland as an important corrective and way of gathering experience. It has proved possible to implement large-scale trials there, while the authorities have provided unison support. Furthermore, all hydrogen production will take place using renewable energy from geothermal and hydroelectric sources.

“There are therefore no CO2 emissions in the production chain. No other country is able to provide such guarantees at this time,” explain the company’s representatives.

Shell is an energy company that sees some excellent commercial opportunities in alternative, renewable energy sources. Part of Shell’s communications strategy is to create scenarios that can provide customers with arguments and provide a basis for political decisions.

“Hydrogen and fuel cells are the window to the future,” says Shell. The company believes in a development where a number of different energy sources are used with a sharper focus on the “green” CO2-free alternatives.

Internationally, the trend is for more and more urbanization, huge population increases, greater demands on living standards and growing industrialization. All of this requires energy.

“If society does not want CO2 emissions in future, then only hydrogen - as an energy carrier  based on renewable sources – can fulfil this objective,” said Jeroen van der Veer, head of  Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (Shell), during the opening of the hydrogen fuelling station in Reykjavik.