Dalia field off Angola to be developed

May 5, 2003, 01:00 CEST

The decision has now been taken to develop the Dalia field on block 17 off Angola by means of a production ship and subsea installation. Hydro owns a 10 percent interest in the field.


ANGOLA: The red shaded areas illustrate where Hydro participates in oil activities off the coast of Angola.


"We are glad that the project has now been sanctioned and are satisfied with a schedule that means the field will come on stream in the third quarter of 2006," says Hydro’s top man in Angola, Jan Helge Skogen. 

The field will be developed with 34 production wells, 30 water injection wells and three gas injection wells. The total investment cost for the development has been estimated at USD 3.4 billion, of which Hydro’s share consists of USD 340 million.

Dalia is a very big oil field, with an anticipated peak production of 225,000 barrels oil per day. Hydro’s share of daily production will be 22,500 barrels, which by comparison is equivalent to half of Hydro’s share of the daily oil production on Troll.

The nearby Girassol field came on stream in December 2001 and produces 200,000 barrels of oil per day. Dalia’s production will therefore more than double Hydro’s revenues from its Angolan oil production.

The production ship on the field, with its storage capacity of some two million barrels of oil, will be as big as that on Girassol, which is currently rated the biggest production ship on the world.

Block 17 licence holders

  • TotalFinaElf (operator) - 40 percent
  • ExxonMobil - 20 percent
  • BP - 16.67 percent
  • Statoil - 13.33 percent
  • Hydro - 10 percent