Green youngsters meet

May 6, 2003, 12:50 CEST

Six hundred environmentally-committed children from 20 countries will be meeting this week outside Stavanger for the Young Agenda 21 programme backed by Statoil.

The aim of this gathering is to ensure that youngsters can also have their views heard on environmental issues, and delegates will be presenting projects in this field.

Opening today, 6 May, the audience is due to learn about practical solutions from fellow participants for meeting green challenges.

These cover such areas as alternative energy, bird life, art from waste and material recycling in schools.

The children will also take part in environmental workshops with companies and organisations.

Young Agenda 21 was established in 2000 as a foundation based in Stavanger, with Statoil as one of its founders. It represents a continuation of the Children’s Environment Northern Seas event.

Statoil is also paying for three groups of participants to travel to this year’s meeting from Estonia, Latvia and Germany.

“We’re glad to be able to give these children the opportunity to take part,” says Hede Kerstin Luik from Eesti Statoil in Estonia.

“They are very interested in environmental protection, and have been active in their local communities.

“It’s important to give youngsters a wider perspective on green issues, as well as allowing them to share experiences and meet other children with similar interests.”

Statoil also has its own stand at the meeting, which features the winning team in the Scandinavian First Lego League contest last year.

These children will be presenting ways in which technology can solve tomorrow’s environmental problems by building Lego robots.

This exhibition is open to the general public. All the activities are taking place in the Åsen Hall in Sola local authority.