Gas injection module for Oseberg C on barge

May 7, 2003, 01:00 CEST

The new gas injection module for Oseberg C was safely positioned on a barge at Kværner Rosenberg in Stavanger on Tuesday afternoon.

"On Friday morning the module will be prepared for towing to the Oseberg field where Saipem's lifting vessel S7000 will carry out the actual installation," explains project manager Jon Knutsen from Hydro Technology and Projects

The last week has been eventful for the Oseberg C gas injection project at Kværner Rosenberg.

A test of the compressor was successfully completed on 29 April. The following day Aker Kværner reached the mechanical completion milestone, and on Tuesday 6 May, the loading of the module onto the barge proceeded without any problems.

A maintenance shutdown is drawing to a close on the Oseberg C platform, and it would be ideal if the module could be lifted in soon after this has been completed. 

The project has carried out modification work on the platform since October 2002, and start-up of the new compressor is planned for 1 September.

The new module is 18 metres long, 11 metres wide and 16.5 metres high.

The module weighs around 600 tonnes and contains a new injection compressor that will increase gas injection capacity on Oseberg C by 70 percent from 5 to 8.5 million cubic metres a day.

The compressor is run by a 9MW electric motor, making this the largest electrically run compressor Hydro has installed offshore.

Gas injection capacity on the Oseberg C platform is at present limited and the new injection compressor will, therefore, increase oil production.

The new module will be positioned at the top of the existing process module as the illustration shows: