New petrol launched

May 8, 2003, 10:40 CEST

A new high-quality petrol called Ultima 95, specially formulated to keep engines internally clean of soot and deposits, has been introduced by Statoil on the Norwegian market.

The cleaning effect derives from special additives. These are also found in Statoil’s conventional petrol grades, but Ultima 95 cleans and maintains even more effectively.

Keeping an engine internally clean helps to boost efficiency by maintaining the right mix of petrol and air in the combustion chamber.

Optimal combustion means reduced petrol consumption, which in turn cuts the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.

“Cars used a lot in city traffic, or which often travel only a few kilometres at a time, can easily acquire deposits in the combustion system,” reports Grethe Lundgaard.

She is category manager for automotive fuels at Statoil Detaljhandel, owned 50 per cent by the group and responsible for its retail sales in Scandinavia.

“Such engines will find our new Ultima 95 particularly beneficial. But all petrol-driven cars will benefit from running on this fuel.”

Ultima 95 is being sold initially at 12 service stations in the Oslo area, from pumps distinguishable by their orange colour.