Great interest for Ormen Lange at UK-Norway Share Fairs

May 14, 2003, 01:00 CEST

About 300 UK suppliers on Wednesday attended a conference in Aberdeen, where several Norwegian operators and contractors in the petroleum industry presented their upcoming projects. The gigantic Ormen Lange development project drew a lot of attention.

– Our presentation of Ormen Lange and other anticipated projects attracted a lot of interest. People are especially impressed by the size, complexity and technical challenges of the Ormen Lange project, says Knut Wennersgaard, procurement manager of Hydro Oil and Energy.

Organizer of the event in Aberdeen and Newcastle is the UK-Norway North Sea Co-operation Group. The conference was set up to focus on future collaboration between the UK and Norway in the oil and gas sector.

As the North Sea enters maturity, the industry has been challanged to maximize recovery and improve efficiency while protecting the environment and improving safety. In response to these demands the industry and governments have seen the development of new relationships and co-operation to unlock value and ensure the future health of the North Sea.

As part of the focus on UK-Norway collaboration, a series of Share Fairs has been organized in Stavanger, Aberdeen and Newcastle. The UK operators and contractors presented themselves to the Norwegian suppliers in Stavanger on 2 April. The Norwegian operators and contractors were presented to the UK supply chain on 14 May in Aberdeen and a similar presentation will take place on 16 May in Newcastle.

Among the topics covered in the presentations were anticipated projects, drilling plans, exploration and appraisal, developments, capital expenditures, operating expenditures and international opportunities.