Development of Oseberg Sør J structure approved

May 15, 2003, 01:00 CEST

The Norwegian government approved the plan for development and operation of the Oseberg Sør J structure on Friday. "This is a good example of our work on further developing key areas on the Norwegian shelf," says Torgeir Kydland, head of Operations and Production in Hydro.

The development of the Oseberg Sør J structure will lead to increased oil production from the Oseberg area, in addition to improving the capacity of the Oseberg platform and the existing structure.

Oseberg Sør J will be developed with a subsea template with two production and two water injection wells linked to the platform. The template and pipelines will be installed in the summer of 2004, and drilling is planned to start in August 2004.

Production start is planned for October 2004, and the field will have a peak production of 21,000 barrels oil per day. The forecast recoverable reserves are calculated at 3.8 million Sm3 oil and 0.49 billion Sm3 gas.

The development has a cost frame of around NOK 1.4 billion.


  • Norsk Hydro Produksjon AS (operator) - 34 percent
  • Petoro  AS - 33.6 percent
  • Statoil ASA - 15.3 percent
  • Total E&P Norge AS - 10 percent
  • Mobil Development Norway AS - 4.7 percent
  • Norske Conoco AS - 2.4 percent