Heating cables for Kristin

June 17, 2003, 15:00 CEST

A contract worth some NOK 125 million covering electrical heating cables, heating cable risers and protective equipment for the Kristin flowlines has been awarded today, 17 June, to Nexans Norway.

The order has been placed by operator Statoil on behalf of the licensees for this Norwegian Sea field.

It covers heating cables, risers and a mechanical protection solution for installation on flowlines linking subsea installations on Kristin with its floating production platform.

The heating system is intended to prevent hydrate (hydrocarbon ice) from forming in the lines should an unplanned production shutdown take place.

This technology will be very important for secure operation and stable production, reports Roald Sirevaag, subsea installations manager on Kristin.

“It reduces the risk of unplanned shutdowns and ensures that we can quickly return to full production.”

Currently operational on Åsgard in the Norwegian Sea and Huldra in the North Sea, the heating cable solution has been developed by Statoil in cooperation with Nexans and other Norwegian companies in the supplies industry.

It has now been further enhanced for use with wellstreams which maintain a particularly high temperature, as on Kristin.

The equipment will be manufactured at Nexan’s Halden factory south of Oslo, with installation work being carried under an existing contract awarded to Technip Offshore Norge.

Kristin is due to produce from 12 subsea wells, with an estimated daily output of 126,000 barrels of condensate and 18 million cubic metres of gas.

Plans call for production to start in the summer of 2005.