Open dialogue wins award

December 4, 2003, 18:00 CET

The architects of the open safety dialogue (ÅSS) solution have been awarded the 2003 chief executive’s prize for health, safety and the environment today, 4 December.

Designed to provide a tool for communication between managers and subordinates, the ÅSS is the brainchild of Finn Strand, Terje Løvby, Tor Alrik Dahl and Alex Wallace Løken.

This Statoil team has worked systematically to promote more visible management and improved dialogue about safety within the group.

The award was presented by acting chief executive Inge K Hansen, who emphasised that high standards of HSE are essential for Statoil’s future success.

“Extensive, systematic and purposeful work has made this (ÅSS) tool an important instrument for enhancing the safety of our operations,” he noted.

The ÅSS was adopted in 2002 with the aim of reducing risky behaviour in working operations, and is conducted in the workplace.

Risks presented by a job and possible preventive measures are discussed, and this approach is intended to make safety a natural part of Statoil’s working culture.

Roughly 3 500 people have so far been trained in the use of this tool, which is applied today in Exploration & Production Norway and other entities.

The jury notes that valuable experience gained with the ÅSS can be transferred to other parts of Statoil’s business.

And it finds that focused efforts have been made, “with a display of enthusiasm, creativity and drive which deserves recognition”.

No less than 123 candidates were nominated for this year’s HSE prize, and six of these made it to the final round.