Ormen Lange in a new phase

December 11, 2003, 09:00 CET

After nearly six years as head of sector for Hydro Technology and Projects (HTP), Tom Røtjer takes on a new post as leader of the gigantic Ormen Lange project. Morten Ruud will be the new head of sector for HTP.

“Leading HTP has been incredibly challenging and stimulating, and I could happily have continued as head of sector. But it’s important that managers rotate. And I enjoy projects. Ormen Lange is one of the largest and most exciting developments even on the world scale. So I did not hesitate to accept this job, which I will approach with the greatest respect. The sheer size may prove to be the greatest challenge of all,” says Tom Røtjer.

Røtjer is without doubt one of the most experienced project managers in Hydro. Since he joined the company in 1980, he has been involved in most of the company’s development projects. As head of HTP he has also been involved in setting the framework for the Ormen Lange development, for which he will now be operative leader.

Thorough preliminary work

“I believe we have a good starting point for a successful implementation on the basis of the thorough preliminary work that has been done up to the submission of the development plans at the beginning of December. So far we have created expectations and a firm starting point for the development. But now we have to realize the project in full; the train has left the station,” says Røtjer.

The dimensions of the project are enormous. A total of 16,000 people will be directly or indirectly involved in the development, which is the largest in the history of Norway. Handling a project of this size is very demanding.

“There are an amazing number of things that have to happen at once, and we don’t have the time or the budget to make mistakes. Leading this work will be an enormous challenge, and I feel great humility in the face of the task. However, we have an excellent starting point, and together I am certain that we will achieve good results. Ensuring that the project is executed in a safe way for the people involved will be one of my main tasks,” says Røtjer.

He is very pleased that it is Morten Ruud who takes over his old job as head of the HTP sector. Ruud, who has been in charge of EPI in recent years, has many years of project experience from HTP.

“HTP is an organization I am proud of, and that I will continue to feel a part of,” concludes Tom Røtjer.