Leader on the environment

January 9, 2004, 08:00 CET

An extensive survey of the world’s oil and gas companies puts Statoil among the global leaders in producing petroleum as cleanly as possible.

Emissions of carbon dioxide from the group’s production operations are only a third of the average level for the industry.

While the petroleum sector averages about 115 kilograms of the greenhouse gas per tonne of oil and gas it produces, the figure for Statoil is 38 kilograms.

That puts the group in third place among the companies covered by the survey, which was carried out by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers.

Statoil also comes high up the list for the smallest possible emissions of methane and sulphur, occupying second place on a global basis.

A strong commitment to new technology is one of the main reasons why Statoil is among the leaders for environmentally-efficient production, says environmental vice president Eli Aamot.

“As the world’s largest offshore oil and gas producer, we’ve invested billions of kroner in modern technology on our fields. That has a positive impact on our emissions.”

She notes that the group places great emphasis on doing an environmentally acceptable job throughout the producing life of a field to ensure that emissions are minimised.