Duster on Kappa

February 3, 2004, 16:05 CET

No traces of hydrocarbons have been found by Statoil in its 6507/8-7 wildcat, drilled on the Kappa prospect south-east of Heidrun in the Norwegian Sea.

"This well was part of a strategy to boost oil production from our Heidrun platform,” explains Roger Inge Johansen, exploration sector manager for the Halten/Nordland business cluster.

“The plan was to produce any oil in Kappa through long horizontal wells from the platform. But this duster eliminates the basis for that solution.”

Kappa is the first of several prospects in the area due to be explored in coming years.

The wildcat was drilled from Deepsea Bergen to a depth of 2,950 metres below sea level and terminated in early Jurassic sediments.