More safe behaviour

February 23, 2004, 09:00 CET

The safe behaviour programme being pursued by Statoil to enhance work safety is being expanded to cover some 18,000 participants - about 8,000 more than originally planned.

This increase primarily reflects the incorporation of crew on rigs working for Statoil, says Henrik Carlsen, executive vice president for Exploration & Production Norway (UPN).

“In addition, we’ve recently been including personnel from a growing number of contractor categories. After all, safe behaviour is just as important whether you work in or for Statoil.”

He is gratified to be able to increase the numbers involved in the programme, particularly because it has attracted great attention.

This measure has been well received not only by Statoil’s own personnel, but also among contractors and in the rest of the industry.

Aimed at encouraging people to take responsibility for the safety of colleagues as well as their own safety, the programme represents Statoil’s biggest-ever commitment in this area.

It embraces employees and contract personnel in UPN, and 15 major meetings – each totalling 230 participants – have already been staged.

The expansion means that the programme will involve a total of 85 gatherings, with the 70 still on the schedule due to take place this year and next.

“This measure envisages a systematic follow-up at our facilities for many years to come,” explains Mr Carlsen.

“The meetings are intended to motivate people, but good attitudes towards safe behaviour have to be further developed in the day-to-day working environment.”