Smoke smell in helicopter on its way to Heimdal

May 24, 2004, 17:15 CEST

On Monday at 12.48, a smell of smoke was observed in one of the helicopters from CHC Helikopter Service on its way from Flesland airport to the Hydro-operated Heimdal platform in the North Sea. The helicopter landed in accordance with the Heimdal procedure.

The helicopter in question was a Super Puma L. Afterwards, everyone involved, including the 14 passengers and the crew of two, were given extensive information about the incident.

CHC Helikopter Service indicated that it would send mechanics to the platform later during the day to clear the helicopter for leaving Heimdal.

The incident was reported to the authorities in the usual way, and CHC Helikopter Service will carry out a further investigation of the incident.