Hydro press briefing at ONS

August 25, 2004, 16:00 CEST

The press is invited on Thursday to a briefing at ONS in Stavanger on two key areas in Hydro's oil and gas operation - the development of the Ormen Lange field and the continued development of the Oseberg field.

At the international oil and gas conference Offshore Northern Seas, project director Tom Røtjer will give an update of the Ormen Lange development project. The concept chosen which involves a seabed development and transport of the gas to land will require at least two subsea well templates situated 120 kilometers from the Mid-Norway coast, a gas processing plant at Nyhamna and the world's longest subsea pipeline to Easington in the UK.

The execution phase of Ormen Lange started in April this year, and the great dimensions of the project are now becoming more and more visible at Nyhamna in Aukra municipality - the site of the gas processing plant. The rapid progress of the Ormen Lange project is also noticed at Farsund and Tønsberg. In Farsund, 100,000 lengths of pipe are being coated for rust protection and weight, and two huge subsea templates are under construction in Tønsberg.

Øystein Michelsen, senior vice president for Oseberg operations, will present scenarios for the long term development of the Oseberg area in the North Sea.

Oseberg has been one of the most important oil regions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Hydro and its partners have performed a scenario project to sketch out the future potential of Oseberg. The most optimistic scenario envisages a doubling of the remaining reserves in the area.

For the press: Hydro's press briefing at the ONS exhibition will take place on Thursday 26 August from 10 to 11 o'clock in the Forum press room.