Turf cutting ceremony for world's longest pipeline

October 8, 2004, 14:00 CEST

The turf cutting ceremony for Langeled, the worlds longest pipeline, will be held in Easington on Saturday 9 October. The ceremony will mark the start of construction for the worlds longest subsea pipeline.

Gas from the Ormen Lange field off the coast of Møre in Norway will be piped ashore in Easington in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The 1,200 km long pipeline will be completed in  2007, securing the UK’s energy supplies for several decades hence.

Day of celebrations in Easington

Hydro has invited all of Easington’s inhabitants to a turf cutting ceremony for the pipeline that will link the coastal communities of Aukra and Easington.

The day will be packed with different events and entertainments, when the local inhabitants will get the opportunity to become better acquainted with Norwegians and Norwegian culture. Mayor of Aukra, Aud Mork, representatives for Hydro and the local authorities in Easington will attend the ceremony.

The gas volumes transported from Ormen Lange through Langeled will cover up to 20 percent of the UK’s gas requirements.

Biggest gas field under development

Hydro is operator for Ormen Lange during construction phase, which includes all field development, the gas processing plant at Nyhamna and the Langeled export pipeline project.

The UK pipeline landfall will be in Easington. It will be connected to the new gas receiving station to be built to the west of the existing Centrica terminal. The gas will be treated here in accordance with the pressure and temperature requirements for onward transport to the market through the UK distribution network.

Hydro has subcontracted project execution of Langeled to Statoil. The  project organization is manned with personnel from both companies.

Ormen Lange, the biggest gas field under development in Europe, is estimated to cost a total of NOK 66 billion. Of this sum, the Langeled transport system will cost in the region of NOK 19 billion. The field is located 100 km off the coast of Møre at depths of between 800 to 1,100 metres.

The Ormen Lange licence partners are:

  • Hydro (17.956 %, operator during development phase)
  • Shell (17.2 %, operator during operational phase)
  • Petoro (36 %), BP (10.888 %)
  • Statoil (10.774 %)
  • ExxonMobil (7.182 %)