Reinjected produced water from Oseberg Field Center

November 30, 2004, 09:00 CET

On behalf of licence partnership, Hydro has awarded the contract for a new reinjection plant for produced water on Oseberg Field Center to Aker Kværner Offshore Partner AS. This contract is an important part of the work to reduce environmentally harmful discharges from Hydro's oil operations.

The Oseberg project for reinjection of produced water is part of Hydro's overall plan for achieving zero discharges from the company's installations on the Norwegian continental shelf. The plan, which has a total cost frame of around NOK 500 million, includes both reinjection and purification of produced water.

The contract with Aker Kværner Offshore Partner AS covers design, purchasing, fabrication, installation, mechanical completion and assistance during commissioning. The contract including subcontracts is worth around NOK 90 million.

This project will make it possible to reduce discharges of produced water by more than 85 percent. The reinjection equipment has been selected with weight attached to low energy consumption.

The modification comprises a reinjection module on Oseberg A, pipes and manifolds for link-up to the existing process system, a pipe system over the bridge and link-up to the injection well on Oseberg B.

The project work will start immediately, and all equipment shall be installed and tested before start-up of the plant before the end of December 2005.