Snorre A work continuing

December 14, 2004, 11:50 CET

Work in the well on Statoil’s Snorre A platform in the North Sea which began leaking gas on 28 November will be continuing over the coming week.

“We’ve still got some downhole jobs to do,” says Øivind Reinertsen, senior vice president for the Tampen area in Exploration & Production Norway.

“Apart from pulling out the remainder of the casing, we need to set and test plugs in the well.

“If everything goes as planned and we don’t experience any unexpected delays, it should be possible to resume production from Snorre A and its Vigdis satellite before the end of the year.”

Apart from the downhole activity, inspection work continues on the subsea template to verify its technical condition.

Statoil will provide more information about production start-up when it is due to begin.