Joining forces to promote hydrogen technology

January 25, 2005, 00:00 CET

The European Hydrogen Association (EHA), an organisation that promotes the use of hydrogen technology, has decided to step up its activities and has launched an ambitious program for the coming years. "This is very positive," says Ivar Hexeberg, head of hydrogen activities in Hydro.

EHA believes that hydrogen has the potential to address main societal issues such as global warming, air quality and energy security, and at the same time offer innovative products that will be attractive to consumers, and should therefore be promoted to policy makers, opinion leaders and the public.

From its Brussels base the association will develop new activities ranging from public awareness campaigns, communicating the benefits of hydrogen based energy systems to decision makers, coordinating activities with national hydrogen associations across Europe, to supporting the efforts of other European and international organisations in the field.


To provide a strong basis for its activities, EHA, which until now mainly represented national hydrogen associations in Europe, has agreed on statutory changes to welcome new direct company membership and foster the development of the organisation based on a new mission as well as clear and strong objectives and improved resources.

Hydro is among the first companies to join EHA, and Ivar Hexeberg, who heads Hydro's unit for hydrogen activities, is member of the EHA board. Other initial companies to join EHA are Air Liquide, Air Products, EHN, Shell Hydrogen and The BOC Group, and EHA will seek to further broaden its membership base.

EHA's new mission aims to foster the development of hydrogen technologies and their utilisation in industrial, commercial and consumer applications, and promote the role of hydrogen in Europe. With this mission and the new membership structure, EHA is shifting emphasis from research and development to accelerating deployment of hydrogen in Europe.

Important milestone

"I am extremely pleased for EHA and the national associations across Europe, including in Eastern Europe, with this new development. It constitutes an important milestone in the life of our organisation", says Hexeberg.

"With the support of leading companies, redefined statutes and objectives and new leadership, I am convinced that EHA will soon become a key voice in hydrogen-related matters in Europe. Any new national association or company is welcome to join and take an active role within the organisation."