Hydro and Petrobras join forces

May 3, 2005, 21:00 CEST

Hydro and Petrobras have signed an agreement to further develop subsea processing technology for deepwater applications.

The objective is to develop subsea-processing systems that can handle heavier crude, and qualify subsea equipment, systems and processes.

Petrobras has offered its considerable deepwater experience and the opportunity to utilize the Marlim field as an area for a new pilot installation. Hydro will contribute its processing expertise, use of its multiphase flow loop research facilities in Norway and experience from Troll Pilot, which is the only subsea-processing unit currently in operation.

Subsea-processing with seabed injection of produced water has significant potential to increase recovery from mature fields. The technology also has the potential to be competitive on new field developments where produced water management is considered critical over time, or on fields with long tie-backs and flow assurance issues where current technology is incapable of justifying commercial development.