First Kristin producer ready

May 11, 2005, 01:55 CEST

The first production well on Statoil’s Kristin platform in the Norwegian Sea has been completed and is ready to flow gas and condensate.

Newly developed by Kvaerner Oilfield Products at Tranby outside Oslo, the downhole equipment has been through an extensive technological qualification programme.

Very challenging reservoir properties have called for new solutions to be devised for controlling and producing the field in a cost-effective manner.

Pressure in the reservoir is 911 bar and its temperature is 170°C, making Kristin the first field in the world with subsea-completed wells and systems able to tackle such conditions.

With a deviation of 75 degrees from the vertical, the first producer has been hailed as a project milestone by operations vice president Eileen Buan.

“We now know that we have downhole equipment which can be installed and which is able to produce the gas and condensate in this field.”

The first well has been completed on schedule.

When Kristin is on plateau, it will yield gas and condensate worth NOK 35 million per day.

Production is due to start on 1 October.