Veslefrikk on stream again

July 10, 2005, 18:00 CEST

Production on Veslefrikk and Hulda was resumed on Sunday 10 July after being shut down since 6 July.

The shut-down was due to faults in the launching device for two conventional lifeboats on Veslefrikk. The faults were discovered during planned maintenance work.

“We have now function-tested all four conventional lifeboats on Veslefrikk A and B,” says Ingbjørn Refsdal, acting operations vice president for Huldra and Veslefrikk. “That includes launching them into the sea and sailing them.”

Veslefrikk will continue to operate with a reduced number of personnel. The number was reduced after faults in a skid boat were discovered when it was to be drop-tested on Veslefrikk B on 21 June, and water entered the skid boat. There were no people on board the boat at the time.

Statoil has established a technical working group to clarify whether this was an isolated fault on the one lifeboat or a construction fault in this type of boat.

Veslefrikk produces about 30,000 barrels of oil per day, and Hulda produces roughly 6 million standard cubic metres of gas per day.

Huldra is an unstaffed platform operated from Veslefrikk B.