Best stand in Johannesburg

September 29, 2005, 11:00 CEST

Hydro won the prize for "Best Stand" on Wednesday evening at the World Petroleum Congress in South Africa. In stiff competition with 200 of the world's largest oil companies, Hydro profited from its long-term and focused work on shows and exhibitions.

"We are absolutely delighted," says Cato Meling, who is responsible for exhibitions in Hydro's Oil & Energy business area.

He and his team could pocket the highly coveted first prize at the 18th World Petroleum Congress in Johannesburg.

There has been great activity on Hydro's stand this week, and many visitors have chosen to drop by the stand, which is a spectacular and eye-catching "ice cathedral" which dominates the hall.

At times there have been queues to see the virtual reality presentations of Ormen Lange and the new Ormen Lange film, "The Traveller," with Ian Wright from the Lonely Planet series.

Planning of Hydro's participation at WPC started over a year ago and many people have worked night and day the last few weeks to get everything ready.

"There is an incredible number of details that have to fall into place, ranging from how the stand looks, what's going round on and around the stand, to catering and entertainment. And when everyone pulls their weight, and everything works just as it should, it's particularly gratifying to win," says Meling.

This is the first time the World Petroleum Congress is held on the African continent, and focus on this occasion is particularly directed towards Africa. The theme for this year's conference is ”Shaping the Energy Future: Partners in Sustainable Solutions”.

The congress, which runs from September 25 to 29, is predicted to draw 150,000 visitors to the exhibitions alone.

"Just wait until August next year, when Offshore Northern Seas takes place on home turf in Stavanger," says an enthusiastic and delighted Cato Meling in South Africa.