Gathering energy research activities

October 24, 2005, 09:30 CEST
ydro is assembling all its research activities within oil, gas and new energy forms into one organization - Technology. "This will strengthen the research and our ability to innovate," says Technology director Jens Hagen.

The research milieus in Bergen and Porsgrunn will be gathered into the Technology unit, part of Hydro's Operations business sector.

At the same time, a new technology forum is being established that will have steady contact with Oil & Energy's different areas of expertise.

The point is to strengthen both oil and gas-related research and work in new energy forms, which is a target area for Hydro.

"With the new organization, Hydro will be able to more quickly respond to the need for innovation and technology development. The Technology unit will get about 300 well-educated and motivated professionals who, now more than ever, will support our business development in Norway and abroad," says Hagen.