Improving water purification on Troll B

October 27, 2005, 16:20 CEST

Hydro has assigned the task of further improving purification of produced water from Troll B in the North Sea to Aker Kværner. The contract is worth approximately 60 million NOK.

The initiative is part of Hydro's work to meet the authorities requirements for zero environmentally-harmful emissions to the sea.

The scoping and detailed planning of the work will commence immediately at Aker Kværner Offshore Partner at Sandsli in Bergen, and the equipment will be mechanically completed and ready for improved purification of produced water from August 1, 2006. The contract was won in the face of keen competition from other Norwegian companies.

The total contract gives Aker Kværner Offshore Partner responsibility for project scoping, purchasing, assembly and offshore installation (EPCI). The largest single equipment unit in the total package is the purification plant itself, from Epcon.

"This work is just one of a series of initiatives to meet our goals of zero emissions, where many initiatives are being implemented in the Troll and Oseberg fields. The test period has shown that Epcon is a good product. Apart from this product, which we have participated in the development of, a series of technical adjustments and changes to procedures on the operative side are being carried out in order to meet the target of zero environmentally-harmful emissions to the sea," says Gunnar Breivik, head of HMS in Hydro's operative sector.

Aker Kværner Elektro are responsible for all electrical installations and instrumentation associated with this task.

The installation work at sea will commence on February 25 next year. Connection of the new equipment on Troll B will be prepared in conjunction with the platform's audit stoppage in the summer of 2006.