Urd strengthens Norne area

November 9, 2005, 10:25 CET

Oil production started from the Statoil-operated Urd field in the Norne area of the Norwegian Sea on 8 November.

Costed at roughly NOK 3.6 billion, this project helps to secure good capacity utilisation on the Norne production ship and in related infrastructure.

The Urd development embraces the Stær and Svale satellites.

Stær is five kilometres north of the main field and has been developed with a single seabed template tied back to the Norne ship.

Svale lies 10 kilometres to the north of Norne and is being produced through two subsea templates, also tied back to the vessel.

A total of five oil producers and three water injectors are due to be drilled on Urd, with gas lift planned for the production wells.

This means that gas from the Norne ship will be injected in the wells in order to reduce wellstream density and increase production.

These wells are also equipped with technology which can isolate reservoir zones to optimise output, reports Jostein Gaasemyr, operations vice president for Norne.

The wellstream from the two satellites is carried through a single electrically-heated pipeline to the ship for processing and loading into shuttle tankers with other oil from Norne.

Urd also contains small volumes of gas, which will be exported together with Norne output via a tie-in to the Åsgard Transport pipeline and processed at Kårstø north of Stavanger.

Recoverable reserves in Urd are put at roughly 70 million barrels of oil and a small amount of gas.

Statoil has a 50 per cent interest in the development. Its partners are Petoro with 25 per cent, Hydro with 13.5 and Eni with 11.5.